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-How to Maintain and Improve Your Intelligence!

June 10th, 2021

How do we Maintain and Improve our Intelligence/

Thinking about this, how should we do it?

By eating beluga caviar!… said a young mum who is feeding her toddler with it. Ok, that maybe works. What else?

By having great sex!… said a friend of mine being very much in love these days… That, hmm, I believe, is rather very healthy and very pleasurable! It may work, too!

How else?… by making use of our brains and constantly learning!


Intelligence is something that we have, it is innate, we are all born with it, and as surprisingly as it may appear for some people – in some cases, some people are more intelligent at birth than throughout their life… but, that is another topic.

So, intelligence is something very close to our brains and mind. Many times the three of them are being combined or referred to as ONE and the same. I am not going to discuss the native intelligence that we bring into the world at the moment of our birth, I am merely going to refer to that intelligence that we use to conduct ourselves in the societies that we live in and in the world in general… many times we call this being smart.

First of all, we increase what we have brought into the world by becoming human beings and just a little bit latter after that, by becoming persons. We develop skills and habits and we learn all kinds of stuff.

Learning is a very complex process, with many facets. We learn as we grow up due to our basic need to survive and therefore understand the environment we land in. We need to! We must understand the other people who are interacting with us and improve the responses we give.

Depending on the country we are born into, we learn a certain language to communicate with our fellow countryman. After that we go to school and there, using the maternal-language, we learn more. We may even learn other languages. Not long after we join school, we finish it, and with it we finish learning. At this point most of us are done with learning. No more! That was it!

School is off, and so it is learning! Right!

Yes, right! But, wrong!

I mean “off with learning” is wrong. And, lets be honest here, not many people lean in school. They learn something, a lot of general knowledge, but most of it is poorly or, lets say, mediocre absorbed.

Many people consider that a job is needed and… that is about it! Life is settled! How wrong is this?

Even if you get a job, right after you finish school, you still have to learn to do your job right, and if you are the ambitious type you must learn in order to “move up in the world”, as they say.

Let us define here what is it that I mean by “learning”?

When I say “learning” I am referring to that process we use to develop our skills, our habits, that improves and completes our education and enriches the quality of our life. That is what I mean by “learning.”

No matter what you learn, you are keeping your intelligence and may even improve it. Our brains are spectacular pieces of divine engineering and while learning and keeping an open perspective on things, you also work your brain.

While working your brain you produce brain wave activity. Brain wave activity means new neural pathways. New neural pathways means a more comprehensive approach on life and reality. Also, an improved response to whatever surrounds you.

That is, in other words, intelligence in action. It is also keeping and improving your intelligence by constantly learning and therefore by using your brain frequently. The reason we have the brain is to use it. Without use, our brains tends to ossify.

However, you need to keep an open mind and a childlike curiosity… throughout your life.

Of course, you need to use your brain and keep on learning.

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